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Welcome to Woody’s Dog Training. Thanks for visiting this site and for coming to find out more about how Jo can help you and your canine companion to thrive.

Reward-based dog training in Stroud

Woody’s Dog Training offers positive, reward-based one-to-one dog training and puppy training in Stroud, Gloucester, Cirencester, Cheltenham and all surrounding areas.  Jo’s role is to help you set off on the right path with your new puppy or rescue-dog, or to get you both back on track if you are having difficulties with your older dog. Despite the old saying, please be assured that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

To find out more about personalised puppy training, tailored one-to-one dog training sessions or pre-purchase preparation and support please click here.

Puppy training

At Woody’s we know that every dog is a good dog and that owners want to do what’s best by their four-legged friends. By starting your puppy training at an early stage it puts you both at a huge advantage for the rest of your lives together – it is far easier to train-in good habits than it is to un-train bad ones!

With either a complete puppy-package or an initial in-depth session plus your comprehensive puppy training guidelines, Jo can help you to achieve the right start as you welcome a new family member into your home.  Click here to find out more about how Jo can help with training your puppy – personalised to your particular needs.

One-to-one dog training

Woody’s style of training is reward-based, fun, interactive and tailored to each unique dog and their owner. Jo offers a calm, compassionate presence to literally walk you through simple training steps that will help to prevent or to modify undesirable behaviours, cultivating a positive, mutually respectful partnership between human and canine. Click here to see testimonials from some dog training clients and their happy hounds.

Why one-to-one?

While dog training classes play an invaluable role, they don’t necessarily suit every person, every dog or every stage of a dogs’ life. Your puppy or dog may find a busy class situation overwhelming. You may find it hard to learn in a group environment or the class times and weekly commitment may not suit you. Some dogs and people enjoy the class situation but also benefit greatly from personal one-to-one sessions, or your particular situation may need addressing in the home environment.

Relaxed training in your home environment

Dogs learn best in a calm environment which is why Jo from Woody’s dog Training can come to your home to address general and specific areas of dog training with you in a modern and practical way. Jo also runs sessions from her secure garden. To learn more about Jo please click here

Training from home via Zoom is still available and really effective. As one happy customer put it – “It was really great to meet you and thanks for taking your time to explain why we do things as well as how to do them. I learned lots and am looking forward to starting a new way of working with my dogs. Zoom is definitely a great tool for training – thank you.”

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ask!