“Jo has a genuine love and understanding of all animals and has proven to be a dedicated and patient dog trainer.

She has been marvellous with Tanzy my two year old Westie X Schnauzer rehome who didn’t have the best of starts. Tanzy adores Jo, and is responsive and obedient, thanks to Jos hard work I have an impeccably mannered, happy little dog.

I would highly recommend Jo for dog training.” ~ Sandra & Tanzy.


“Our dog Rue had very acute re call issues to the detriment of her safety and our nerves. Also pulling on the lead was a constant problem.

Jo approached both issues quickly with practical training and excellent written support tailored to our dog.

l would say the excellence of the training was equally matched by her amazing compassion and empathy for our dog. Highly recommend.” ~Mark & Rue.


“Jo is an excellent trainer who’s obviously extremely knowledgeable. My puppy adores her! I visited her before I got my puppy and she helped me get ready, told me what to expect and how to puppy proof my house.

Since the puppy arrived we’ve had two training sessions where I’ve learnt as much, if not more, than my dog! I’m delighted with the skills we’ve learnt so far and am looking forward to future training sessions! Jo is calm and patient, every problem has a positive solution.

I am very impressed and strongly recommend her.” ~ Ruby & Stella.


“I recently re-homed a 2 year old pug who we all love so much, however he has been displaying some fear based reactivity with other dogs, this was beginning to make us all anxious when out on walks with him.

I’m so thankful to have found Jo, she is a fantastic dog trainer and really takes the time to get to know your dog. On our first consultation Jo explained everything in a way we as a family could fully understand, even getting my two daughters involved in training too.

Jo has given me a lot of great advice all set out in a handy go to written plan. Not only is my dog making great progress, I’m feeling a lot more confident in dealing with the reactivity, recognising trigger signs and using positive praise and treat based rewards is helping my dog to feel more confident also. Thank you so much Jo. Would highly recommend. x x” ~ Michelle & Bruce


“Jo has been amazing for my little dog! Leaving the house with him used to be a bit of a stressful event to say the least, and every time, with him completely over-excited, noisy, and pulling at the lead, but after just a few short sessions, things have completely turned around.

He is no longer over-excited and the excessive barking has stopped. He will now wait patiently on the front door mat until we are completely ready to leave. We have also worked on some basic cues very effectively.

He is already a more relaxed and happy little dog. I’m amazed at the changes I have already witnessed after only a few short sessions. Well done Jo, and thank you so much for your help so far.” ~ Frank & Toby.


“I was initially quite nervous and apprehensive about the arrival of our new rescue dog as any new owner would be. Jo immediately put my mind at ease, she initially helped with visiting us at home and meeting the family to ensure we were all prepared and feeling confident about our plan to settle him in.

Jo is very informative and supportive on a huge range of subjects that crop up as a dog owner. She has and continues to provide us with a wealth of information to assist in training our dog in a friendly non forceful and fun way. Any plans and ideas we have discussed Jo has always made them easily manageable to suit our home life.

I would highly recommend Jo to anyone seeking dog training at any stage. I love working with her not just because of her skills but because her approach to training is realistic and dog-led. She is such a calm and patient person with a big passion in this subject and sincere love for all dogs.” ~ Amy & Jeffrey.


“Jo has helped me massively with preparing for and starting life with my cockerpoo pup Tucker. She has been patient and generous with her explanations and provided an awesome puppy training schedule!” ~ Lucy & Tucker.


“I called Jo about a German Shepherd pup I took on, I never thought I’d cope with a baby Shepherd but Jo is absolutely amazing, she came on day one and talked to me (yes talked to me not at me) and she gave me lots of information on games and training ideas which are simple, fun and most of all effective! I knew then I had found the perfect trainer for us!

I have now had four fun sessions with Jo, and Max (the pup) is amazing! He has responded so well to Jo’s technique and her loving , gentle way! All the info I have received is very helpful and I can honestly say Jo has given me so much confidence – I know I can and will have an awesome dog!

Jo is the first person to not make me feel stupid and she is so encouraging and motivating! Max absolutely loves her !!

I highly recommend Jo and wouldn’t hesitate to call her anytime. She genuinely cares about you and your dog. You can email and ask questions, nothing is too much trouble! I have done things with Max I’ve never done with any other dog eg, he’s learnt parts of his body helpful for vet visits!!! And it’s all so logical and easy!

Jo I can’t thank you enough…Max and I have a friend for life! Thank you ?
If you need anything I highly recommend Jo and her training methods, sessions whiz by and me and Max have honestly looked forward to them!” ~ Karen & Max


“Having adopted a lively and sensitive collie pup, Jo was invaluable in the first weeks of getting Bella. She gave us toys to keep her happy, and suggested ways to keep Bella occupied which have been really useful.

Jo has opened my eyes and mind to how incredible and effective reward based training is, and how important it is to create positive associations. I would recommend Jo to anyone who has a new pup, who wants help with lead training and recall, who wants to avoid making common mistakes, who wants to fully understand what motivates their dog to be a “good dog.” ~ Eli & Bella


Jo was recommended to us by one of our friends who had used her services before with great success. We adopted our rescue dog Bobby when he was around 15 months old. Bobby was completely feral, did not know how to walk on a lead, and had no basic obedience skills. Bobby was also very nervous and stressed out when meeting some new dogs.

Jo from the very start was amazing with Bobby and extremely personal with her one on one training approach which was completely customised to Bobby’s and our needs. Jo gave us great advice and tools all the way through to work with in getting the best training we could for Bobby and making the whole experience extremely educational and fun at the same time!

Bobby is now very obedient, amazing at recall and is a lot calmer around meeting new dogs since our sessions with Jo and the tools given to us to manage these encounters. The difference between pre-Bobby and post is like night and day! We loved the whole experience, Jo’s skills and personality were beyond our expectations and we cannot thank her enough! We would highly recommend Jo to anyone – she is undoubtedly an amazing dog trainer! The best around!

Many Thanks Jo! ~ Mark, Agi, and Bobby.


“It was a pleasure to have Jo come round and give us advice on how to settle our very anxious and stressed-out 8 month old Jack Russell. He would not settle at night, and would not be left alone for anytime – even leaving the room caused our puppy stress.

With Jo’s help we managed to get our puppy to sleep the first night, she showed us some new games and made leaving the house calm and stress-free. We can now leave our puppy alone for longer periods, and he doesn’t bark, cry or chase us to the door.

Jo was also very helpful in getting us ready for fireworks night, as our problems were probably triggered by the recent thunderstorm. Just a few changes and thinking a little differently has completely changed our puppy from a nervous wreck to a very happy, fun-loving boy. Thank you Jo. x” ~ Wendy & Dibble.


“I can highly recommend Jo for many reasons – she is a pleasure to know. Professional, knowledgeable, passionate about what she does, punctual, patient, honest and kind.

She has helped my very nervous Dachshund to live his best life for which I will always be grateful, and it’s apparent right from the start that she adores all animals – tall or small!” ~ Zoe & Barnaby.


Jo’s support in our doggy-adventures has been fantastic, her approach is both positive and practical. We have a young Rhodesian ridgeback X Welsh collie and began working with Jo during the early puppy days. Her puppy visit and ‘puppy pack’ (and follow-up emails) were great for helping us navigate the early days – so we could help pup through lots of new situations and settle and socialise her well.

Jo brings fun and focus to the way we interact/train with our dog. She’s helped us get over niggles and worries we had in the early months, helped us develop a good recall, and we’re super happy to have a dog that loves the world, people and other dogs. Thanks Jo, we always learn and enjoy in all our sessions. ~ Em, Will & Oren!


I engaged Jo to help me with my rescue dog’s lunging behaviour whenever another dog was close by.  Although he was in no way aggressive, walking was becoming a challenge as I could hardly hold on to him when he got excited.  After three sessions with Jo, and in only a couple of months, we made significant progress.   I am now able to walk confidently around other dogs, and to participate in obedience classes without worrying about my dog being distracted by the others.

In our first session Jo spent a lot of time getting to know my dog and explaining some basics of dog behaviour.  She then gave me some specific exercises to practice, to improve my dog’s focus on me and to start the process of changing the lunging behaviour.  I would provide updates or contact her with any concerns and she would get straight back with useful feedback.  I followed up with 2 walks with Jo and one included a stooge dog, which was really helpful.  

Jo is very knowledgeable and has a way of explaining/demonstrating handling techniques clearly and with patience and encouragement.  This is an ongoing journey that requires a lot of commitment on my part but I now have the tools to continue on my own.  So, it has been a great investment for me. ~ Jan & Pedro.


We had wanted a dog for so long, but when the time came it all happened so quickly. Before we knew it, we had a puppy coming to live with us – and suddenly felt ill-prepared! She hadn’t started her jabs, so we had several weeks before we would be able to get her out and start puppy classes, so called on Woody’s Dog Training for help.

Jo was brilliant! She spent a few hours with us at home, giving loads of tips and guidance on how to start training our pup, together with lots of helpful reading material. It really gave us so much more confidence as new puppy parents – and set a strong foundation for our new family member to settle in and thrive.

Ember has developed into a happy, smart and confident pup, and we regularly refer back to the materials, games and exercises Jo taught. I’d happily recommend Jo to anyone who needs excellent dog (& people) training support. ~ Penny & Ember.